I’m in a Shankly kind of mood. 

I’m in a Shankly kind of mood. 

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  • world cup 2014: bet you didn't expect that
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Ai Weiwei Han Dynasty Urn with Coca-Cola Logo

Ai Weiwei Han Dynasty Urn with Coca-Cola Logo

I just need to say how extremely proud I am of my team this season. I mean, they gave us a title race! I have never gotten to experience anything like it, and no we didn’t win in the end, but that really doesn’t take away from the fact that this season has been amazing! This season had everything! And Gerrard, have my babies, seriously. I love Liverpool, and can’t wait for next season. We go again! YNWA!

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It has been an amazing season that exceeded expectations. It has been an exciting, enjoyable ride with the team - our family - who made us dream. As the gaffer says, “the journey that we are on is going to have good times and bad times and to get through them we have to stick together, that’s the Liverpool way.” This is only the beginning. We go again. (x)

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i think i speak for everyone when i say

at least it wasn’t chelsea

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My favourite banner inside the ground this season has been the one which reads ‘Make Us Dream’. If there is one message I want you to take away from today and into next season, it’s the importance of believing in that dream and having the optimism that we will achieve it for you.

Brendan Rodgers in the match programme for the final game of the season against Newcastle United. More than any manager since King Kenny (the first time) he gets Liverpool and the fans. It might not be today but the glory days are returning.

'Make Us Dream' - Anfield'Make Us Dream' - Melwood

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as far as i can tell from my dash there’s some sort of gay musical olympics going on that only europe was invited to

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i don’t get why people believe feminists hate men

i don’t get why a movement that is for women is so misunderstood to the point where it’s still about men

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such a good tune

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